Author Presentations

All presentations include:

***Power Point Presentation aligned with Common Core and NC Essential Standards.

***Reading in character of one book in the series.

****4 Media Center copies of your choice of Ms. B’s Art on Cart books.

****A basic bio and FAQ or prepared question time.

To make the most of your author visit:

I will provide your school with a FREE PDF copy of one title. You may use the cover page of the book for posters to put up around the school.

Print and send home the pre-order forms a week before my visit. I will provide you with the template. All ordered books will be signed and passed out the day of the author visit.

Let your Language Arts and Art Teachers know that I am coming. Please have them reinforce the applicable core curriculum concepts that I will cover.

Please have all students be prepared with questions. (If they don’t have any questions I will spend a few minutes on the most frequently asked questions.) Just for fun… see if your students can write their questions in a rhyming pattern!

Another fun idea is to have students dress in a complementary color scheme the day of the event… Just like Ms. B!

The daily base rate is $300 for up to 3 back to back presentations.  (You may choose  a combination of presentations.)

Choose from the following presentations: 

Something From Nothing #1

A 45 minute presentation for 1st-5th Grade (20-150 students)

Topics in the presentation include the following if age appropriate:  central themes, comparisons, analogies, rhyming and rhyme schemes, multiple meaning words, the art elements, color theory,  and historical connections with mosaics and mandalas.  A colored pencil “Mandala of YOU” art lesson plan is provided to supplement the presentation. Modifications are made for grade level.

The Great Chance to Enhance #2

A 45 minute presentation designed for 3rd-5th Grade (20-150 students)

In this presentation the art elements as building blocks for any work of art are compared to using the building blocks of a great story: characters, setting, conflict, rising action, climax falling action and resolution. Multiple meaning words and clay building vocabulary are also covered.  Ms. B’s Story Organizer, lesson plan and prompts are provided to supplement the presentation

The Chicken Soup Group #3

A 75 minute presentation designed for 3rd-5th Grade (10-60 students)

Topics include strategies for working in a group or being part of a team: identifying tasks, expected behaviors, and being an effective group member.

A hands on group project is included in this presentation. Media center tables or grouped desks are ideal to break into small groups.

The Unique Critique #4

A 45 minute presentation designed for 3rd-5th Grade (20-150 students)

Topics include a strategy for critiquing artwork using the art elements and principles.  Students need to bring a pencil and have access to a table, desk or clipboard


Residencies are welcomed and encouraged  Please send me an email or call with details so that I can quote a price.   A favorite residency has been mandala style mosaic making from recylced materials… just like the main character in Something From Nothing!

Here are comments from author visits:

“Thank you for inspiring us to create “something from nothing.” We especially enjoyed the slide shows because we learned about your life and about the publishing process. We thought the way you read the book was fantastic. The rhyme made it fun. ”   Bascomb Elementary

“We had fun yesterday learning about you and how you survived being “art on a cart.” Your story inspired us to create “something from nothing.”” We especially liked how it rhymed.” Ms. Miller’s 5th grade class

“Bonita Somers was invited to read her book, Ms. B’s Art on a Cart, to our after school program of kindergarteners through fifth graders. Her passion and interest in art was evident in her exciting storytelling delivery. Our children enjoyed her presentation as she incorporated art concept themes in her discussion. It was a great learning experience for our students and they had fun with her creative art activity at the conclusion of her presentation. ” Carrie K. Neller, Waxhaw Elementary

Students and teachers really enjoyed “Ms. B’s” visit to our school. The students enjoyed learning about the publishing process, in addition to discussing “Art on a Cart.” She is very professional and easy to work with in creating the best experience for our students.Becky Taylor, Media Coordinator, Kensington Elementary



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  1. Brenda · March 27, 2017

    Love your website! You seem to really love teaching and art! Please check your email for more comments from me.

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