About Bonita

Bonita Somers is an artist, teacher and the author/illustrator of the Ms. B’s Art on a Cart book series designed for elementary aged students.

Bonita was born in Mason, Ohio and the second oldest of four siblings.   After high school graduation, she attended and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio’s Bowling Green State University.  With degree in hand and a secured job in San Antonio, TX, Bonita left the bitter winters for the warmth of Texas to begin a 20 year journey in the business world doing design and international purchasing work  for wholesale florists and retail craft stores.  She loved the opportunity to use her artistic skills while travelling the world. After her floral design and purchasing career she went back to school to get her teaching certificate to teach art.   It was during this time that she jotted down her notes for her book series. Currently, Bonita is producing and facilitating art classes in the Charlotte, NC area.  Commission work is available. 

Bonita’s philosophy on art is not to take anything too seriously.    Have fun, learn, and enjoy the process.  You are never going to “arrive”.  So, keep learning and pay your knowledge forward.